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School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform, although not compulsory, is actively encouraged.  Our children wear the uniform and this fosters an identity with and pride in the School.  Much of the uniform is unisex.

School Uniform

Grey school trousers – jersey or school uniform style, NOT Leggings. School jumper or lightweight fleece, additional heavier fleece for cold weather/ outdoors only Socks/ tights – should be school variety – plain red/ black/ grey, not football socks

Summer – in addition to winter uniform, can wear red checked dresses, or culottes, or grey culottes, grey long knee-length school shorts.

School Shoes

Please note we would still like children to wear sensible shoes for outdoor play, including being able to do outdoor activities in the grounds, and the Daily Mile during the day – ‘Dolly shoes’ and heavy ‘doc martin’ style boots are not ideal for this purpose. Please ensure your child has either plain black school shoes suitable for outdoor play, or black plain trainers.

NB: We are happy for children to continue to wear plain black trainers for school as their school shoes, however, a number of children are wearing those with white soles and sides, prominent logos, or are multicoloured. If your child is unable to wear plain black trainers, or trainer style shoes for school we will ask you to send them in wearing traditional school shoes.

Hair styles and Earrings

Can I please remind parents, that fashion styles are not part of school uniform, including the shave sides/ top knot/ large hair decorations/ large hair bows. Earrings should be stud-style only, and children must be able to take them out for PE themselves. We do try to help parents by asking everyone to stick to everyday uniform and shoes/ hair, as it reduces pester power for fashion items, and reduces peer pressure too, or children feeling they don’t fit in if they don’t have the latest style or fashion item.

Physical Education:

It is expected that, on both of your child’s PE days, they will wear their PE kit to school, for the entire day. Even if your child is unable to be physically active on their PE day, they should still wear their PE kit as they will be involved in the PE lesson in alternative ways. Should the PE day need to change for any reason, such as school photo day, you will receive a message on Arbor, from the school office. If your child attends a sports extra-curricular club which is not on their PE day, they will need to bring PE kit to change into for this club.

For PE Lessons, children will need:

Games, Athletics, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities:

In the winter:

Long black or navy jogging bottoms, plain red t-shirt or red Thornbury PE top, red school jumper & black trainers.

In the summer:

Black or white shorts, plain red t-shirt or red Thornbury PE top & black trainers.

*Note: Children should always have a warm, waterproof coat with them. *

Long hair must be tied back. 

Gymnastics & Dance

Black or white PE shorts and plain red t-shirt or red Thornbury PE top. Children will be asked to remove their shoes and socks to minimise risk of slipping. If there is a medical reason as to why this cannot happen, please inform your child’s class teacher. If gymnastics and dance occur in the winter, children may wear their red school jumper and long black/navy bottoms to school, over their shorts.


In order to minimise potential risk to your child and other children, Thornbury Primary School have a no jewellery policy in PE, in line with the recommendations from the Association for Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (AfPE.2020).

If you are going to get your child’s ears pierced, please do so at the beginning of the summer holidays so that healing time will not impact on their learning in PE.

If children are unable to remove their own earrings, we ask that parents do this before school arrival.

The expectation is that all earrings are removed before PE lessons. If this is not possible, taping of the ears is at the parents’ discretion. This needs to be done either at home, before school arrival, or the children can bring medical tape or plasters to school and apply this over their earrings before the PE lesson. Adults will not be able to help with this. Should this not be viable, children will take an inactive role in the PE lesson, such as development of tactics, scoring or umpiring. All other jewellery, including watches, fitness trackers and any other accessories, need to be removed.

Please can we ask that all uniform is named, we try hard to return lost property this is much easier when names are clearly marked on items.

How can we help?

Communication is key to a positive relationship between school and families. If there’s anything you need to discuss, please let us know.

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