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As a school we take your child’s safety very seriously. This page is to help keep parents up to date and aware of current e-safety issues.

As a parent or carer it can be difficult to monitor what your child is up to online. Most parents and carers trust their children online, but it can be easy for a child to stumble across things that might upset or disturb them.

Filtering and moderation packages are a good way to stop the majority of inappropriate and harmful content coming into your home. They are a tool to help you set and change online boundaries in line with your child’s development.

There are some great packages out there, some are free and some come at a cost. Make sure you get one that suits your family’s needs and budget. For advice specifically for parents of primary aged children go please check our Facebook Page. Here we post regular e-safety advice from ‘National Online Safety’ on our Facebook page. Here you will find the latest information and guidance for supporting children online.  

At Thornbury Primary, our pupils are taught about e-safety through various different methods. We use school assemblies, both whole school and Key Stage, alongside dedicated computing and PSHE sessions. 

Here is a reminder of the age restrictions on some of the more popular games and websites, often a surprise to parents! 

  • Facebook 13+ 
  • Instagram 13+ 
  • Snapchat 13+ 
  • Tik-Tok 12+ 
  • Fortnite 12+ 
  • MineCraft 7+
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