Wellbeing & Pastoral Support

Creating a school culture of wellbeing is very important to us. We recognise that ensuring wellbeing needs to be inclusive, embracing our whole school community.

Our aim is to support and promote 'wellbeing' for all pupils at Thornbury primary school. 

We appreciate that parents/carers sometimes need advice about how they too can support their child's wellbeing and mental health, so this site is here to signpost information and guidance that you may find helpful. We also have a family support mentor who works with families to offer advice, support, signpost to other services and can offer a friendly and discrete listening ear. 

Supporting children's mental health 

A significant part of our children’s lives where parents can help them thrive is in the area of mental health. Mental health connects with every other component of our health, including our emotional health, healthy relationships and physical health. Each of these has a profound impact on the other. If one is out of balance, our children’s mental health can tip off-balance. Therefore, we must work to keep each of these components in our children’s lives in balance. We use one of our Animal Aces the Balanced Beaver to explain this to the children.  

We won a national TES award for supporting children’s mental health in July 2023. 

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