Early Years Foundation Stages

In the Early Years Foundation Stage at Thornbury, we aim to provide an abundance of opportunities for children to learn through play and to ‘make learning irresistible’.

Positive development

We provide pupils with experiences & activities based upon their interests to deepen their imagination and enhance their sense of curiosity.

The Lifelong Learners

As an EYFS team we pride ourselves on being effective role models, providing high quality interactions to foster lifelong learning; encouraging children to be Resilient Lions, Curious Cats & Friendly Otters among other Animal Aces.

The Family Approach

Our children feel valued and loved in school and we are proud of our ability to build strong relationships with both parents/carers and children.

The Whole Child

We treat every child as an individual and are committed to the development of the ‘whole child’.

Step inside our world

Our continuous provision is often linked to our current ‘learning experience’ or a story. With a vocabulary rich provision in mind, our ever-changing provision always has the children’s interests at heart.

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