School Meals

The food children eat at school plays an important role in their wellbeing, and eating a well-balanced diet will not only maintain and improve their health but will also set them on the right track for later life.

Our school kitchen is managed by AMB Catering ltd.

Fantastic Food

Freshly prepared, innovative, healthy, nutritious, seasonal, local and ethically sourced.

Wonderful People

Our team are extremely proud of the food they prepare and serve, they enjoy working with pupils and interacting with them to make lunchtimes fun.

Great Dining Experience

It’s not just the food that is important, it is the whole meal experience. Dining with friends, enjoying familiar foods, having fun and enhancing the learning experience.

Special Days

Linked to annual events, the school curriculum, food festivals and interactive learning. Our specially themed menus add excitement to the school day. Our smoothie bike is always really popular along with Fruity Friday!

Foundation and Key Stage One

School meals are free for every pupil in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2. The perfect opportunity for your child to enjoy dining with friends at no cost or inconvenience to you.

Paid School Meals

These meals are priced at £2.80 for a main course and a dessert. In addition, this includes freshly baked bread, a salad bar and a refreshing fruit-infused Hydration Station. Please remember to keep your Arbor account topped up as lunch must be paid for in advance.

Ordering Lunch

The children will continue to choose their lunch in class.

The Menu

The menu runs on a three week cycle and can be found on the top-right-hand-side of this page. If your child has any allergies or intolerances we can provide a special menu to suit.

Our kitchen staff work closely with families to support any children who may have special dietary requirements. In addition, we are a nut free school. This means that our kitchen is a nut free area and the kitchen staff work hard to ensure they are using nut-free products. 

How can we help?

If there’s something you can’t find an answer to here on our website, drop us a message and we’ll be pleased to help.

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