"Welcome to Thornbury...

...where every child, every unique combination of personality and ability, is celebrated and nurtured."

Mrs Hardisty, Head Teacher
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Working together to build foundations for life

At Thornbury School, here in the heart of Plymouth’s Estover community, we’re proud to provide a nurturing and collaborative learning environment for our pupils.

We encourage our children to have self-confidence and a 'have a go' attitude, helping develop lively and enquiring minds. We also value the wellbeing of every child. Thornbury strives to a welcoming and inclusive environment, where mutual respect and community-mindedness are nurtured.

Working together, we strive to give each child the best possible chance to grow into a happy, independent adult of the future.

When I visited Thornbury, I instantly knew this was the place! Mrs Hardisty was very welcoming & passionate about her role to ensure children receive not only the best education, but to also feel safe and secure within a nurturing environment.


Our Curriculum

We approach our range of subjects in a rich and exciting way, inspiring a lifelong love for learning.

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Early Years

Thornbury’s Early Years Foundation Stage setting offers a supportive and engaging start to school life.

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We have a stimulating range of facilities and outdoor spaces to keep your child inspired and active at school.

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Welcome to Thornbury

Hear from our Headteacher, Hardisty, as she shares the Thornbury values and our commitment to inclusive learning.

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