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Visit - Real Life Heroes in Foundation!

This term, the children in Foundation have had a number of visits from real life superheroes! The children were Curious Cats as they asked lots of questions to find out about their job, Focused Fox as they listened to the answers and Connecting Spiders as they wrote their own real life hero fact file.

We had visits from:

Mr Toner the school caretaker. Mr Toner told the children all about his job in school. The children learnt that he keeps them safe by locking the school gates and fixing anything that is broken. He also showed the children all the different tools he uses.

Josie the paediatric nurse came to visit us. She told us all about what she does in the hospital to look after children and help them get better. She told us her favourite things about her job, what equipment she uses, the difference between doctors and nurses and even told us some funny stories.

Doctor Oli the surgeon. He taught the children how to take a pulse (in both the wrist and neck), showed the children real x-rays, dressed them up in surgical gowns and allowed them to use his real stethoscope to listen to each other’s hearts.

The police officers (PC Katy and PC Sarah - our local officers) told us all about the equipment they carry like radios, handcuffs, cameras, batons and tasers and taught us that the main job of police officers is not to arrest ‘baddies’, but is actually to help and keep ‘goodies’ safe.

They told us all about the different vehicles they use and about police dogs, and showed the children all of the different hats and helmets police officers might wear. The children then even got to try on the hats and helmets as well as police vests, which they found very fun.

The children also got to have a look at the police van and (those who wanted to) even got to go inside it. The police officers showed the children the signs they keep in their van and - very excitingly - they set off the sirens too. They told us how police vehicles have 3 different sirens and how they are used for different reasons (such as warnings, approaching roundabouts or junctions, or to get the attention of cars who are not paying attention to them to move out of the way.

The police officers also made the children laugh by putting handcuffs on Mrs Francis and locking Mrs Sharpe in the back of their van!

At the end of their visit, the police officers gave all of the children a sticker and an activity pack to take home and set off their sirens again as they left.

Vet Rosie told the children all about what she has to do to be a vet, what kind of animals she looks after and how she looks after those animals. She talked about check-ups, nail clippings, x-rays, vaccinations and operations.

She let the children test out the stethoscopes, try on operating gowns and showed them x-rays of animals who needed help due to broken bones or swallowing things they shouldn’t have.

Rosie then also taught the children how to bandage an animal’s leg by using three different layers. They then all got to have a go if they wanted to, which they really enjoyed.

Have a look at some of the writing the children have created for the hero fact file!

A huge thank you to all our heroes who gave up their time to come a visit us! We have made memories that will last a lifetime!

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