Year Group Pages

In a bid to streamline and centralise our online support, the Year Group Pages have been removed from the site. Please follow the link below to Thornbury TV for access to up to date content. The Thornbury TV site will have supplementary information and videos to the 'Home Learning Packs' that have been sent home for the Autumn Term.  Please do not use these packs until instructed as they will be a vital resources in the event of closures for a bubble/ the school.


Should your child be ill and/or awaiting test results, and you are requiring work for them to complete at home during this time, please email the school office, who will liaise with your child's class teacher.


At the moment, we are currently setting up the Microsoft TEAMS pages where additional work will be set, and in the event of a closure, the 'Home Learning Packs' will be available digitally. 


We appreciate your patience at this time and look forward to continuing to work collaboratively.