Remote Learning

Remote Learning - 18.2.22

Please find below work ideas for children to do from home, if they are staying home due to Storm Eunice. The pages have specific tasks for the children to have a go at. For any work that is completed please bring it in on the first day back after half term.


Foundation work has been set on Tapestry, Year 6 work has been set on Teams, and Year 5 work has also been sent to the pupil's inboxes as well as being posted below.   

Remote Learning is a term we are using to encompass all learning that takes place away from the school building. This can include online learning and homework.


The school operates remote learning in the following ways:

  • Homework 
  • Online learning via Microsoft Teams 
  • Thornbury TV
  • Use of paper packs (on occasion)
  • Subscription sites such as BugClub, MyMaths, TTRockstars etc
  • Encouraging regular reading and basic skills practise
  • Setting project work over a holiday period to encourage enthusiasm for upcoming work and inspire curiosity