Thornbury Parent Carer Bulletin 23 October 2020


Thornbury Parent and Carer Bulletin October 2020

Phew! We made it to half term, and although there have been lots of colds and coughs, no pupil or staff cases of Covid-19, thank goodness. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this difficult term, and for being as careful as you can with social distancing outside school. This is something we still need to take great care of next half term, particularly as cases are rising locally and nationally. We have not heard any more about a 2 week ‘circuit break’, or rumours of a further lockdown, however as cases rise there is always a chance that other measures will come into force. Thinking of our children, and vulnerable staff and families, as well as those working in the NHS or Care, limiting social contact as much as we can as a community will help keep everyone safe. If cases rise significantly in the next half term, I would of course write to you if we needed to put any additional measures into place.

You should have received a letter about parents’ consultations this week – please email the form back to us.

Well done for all children, parents and staff for the tremendous effort and commitment shown this term and best wishes for a happy and relaxed half term holiday. Warm wishes from Mrs Hardisty

Table Buddies

The children have tried very hard to keep some degree of distancing, collaborating in class with their table buddy. This has been kept under review, and there may be some tweaks made, for a fresh start in November. Any changes will be explained to the children today, so that they know what to expect.

Masks/ site rules

Can I remind all parents that our expectation is only one parent on site per family, and please wear a face covering this is particularly important given the increasing number of cases. At the moment, we are not ‘enforcing’ this, but asking for everyone’s cooperation. Please NO riding of bikes or scooters on site. Thank you.


Thank you for sending your child in with a water bottle however, this is becoming a little tricky to manage as some are bringing in the metal variety with screw tops, some of which are quite tall, and are heavy when falling off tables (with a loud clang at the same time!) and the screwing on and off of lids becoming somewhat distracting. Please could you send in a plastic water bottle (which could be patterned, but is essentially clear) and doesn’t have a screw lid, each day after half term. Only water is allowed, unless your child has a medical plan around this. Thank you

Booster Sessions

The booster sessions so far have been really successful, and the children have enjoyed them. Over the year, staff will be using their assessments of the children to determine which learning groups they need to be in, for what focus, and which children might need to be part of booster groups in the school day, or afterwards. These groupings will be fluid over the year, and will involve a lot of children, so we will not be contacting you about any grouping changes as we go along, however we would of course contact you if we offer your child an after-school slot at some point.


Thank you for supporting our changes to uniform, this has meant that children can get outside much more smoothly, and saves lots of time, particularly as so much time is taken washing hands at the moment! As the weather has now turned, it is important that every child has their coat, and trousers and trainer style shoes on, as if we go in the outside it is damper, colder and windier generally and in the wild area, the grass is wet. Thank you.