School Expectations Document for Autumn Term 2020

School Expectations Document for Autumn Term 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


Everyone is excited, and a little nervous, about the wider return of children to school in September. It will be a move towards normality, but obviously not quite normality! Please read the information below very carefully, as I am determined that as a school community we do our best to ensure that the virus is kept at bay, and that we all continue to support each other, in what can only be described as the strangest of times. The children may have some anxieties about going back to school – please reassure them, and we hope the transition days are really helping in allaying some of those niggles. It has been lovely to see the children in for the last two days.


Please read the information below about arrangements


IMPORTANT: We ask all parents, in keeping our school and school community as ‘Covid-safe’ as we can, that you and your children are being very careful about socially distancing out of school/ work.



Illness or Covid Symptoms

Please do not send your child in if ill in any way. Please ring or email to let us know. If we feel a child is poorly, or complains of being poorly, we will contact you to ask you to collect.


If anyone in the household shows virus symptoms, isolate the house hold, and you should now be able to get a test organised asap. Please keep us informed. If the virus is confirmed, strictly observe the 2-week isolation for the whole family and remember this should be extended if members of the family then fall sick during the 2-week period. There are other symptoms to be aware of, not just the temperature and cough. Information can be found about this in the media. We have a flow chart to advise about what to do if the test is negative, and can help you with this. If a case is confirmed, we have to send the whole bubble home – please have a contingency plan for this.


If your child has a minor medical issue e.g. mild headache, and no other symptoms, please call us to check, before sending your child to school.



Important: Contacting You and Communication

Please ensure that in addition to your usual contacts, we have a work landline number which is always answered e.g. an admin number, a central office etc, so someone can take the call and give you a message. As I am sure you can appreciate, we do not have the staffing or time to chase contacts, and we need to get any child with suspected Covid home, asap.



We expect good behaviour at school as usual. We also have very strict guidelines about physical contact and spitting for example, and expect all children to cooperate with this. Sanctions will follow if children are not following the rules, and we will keep you informed if there are any concerns.


Food and Drink

Lunches: The school kitchen will be open for lunches. We are anticipating that the school fruit scheme will be restarting for EYFS/ Y1/ Y2. You will also be able to order milk through the Cool Milk scheme.

Your KS2 child may bring in a washed piece of fruit for mid-morning.

Packed lunches need to be sent in in a plastic box with a good seal, which can be washed every day at home (no fabric bags please), add a small ice pack if you wish.

Please send in a clean water bottle, which must go home each day and be thoroughly washed.



If your child has regular medication please bring it on the first morning – indicate to the member of staff collecting the children and they will come to you to receive it.



Start times/ Arrival

Gates will be open from: 8.35 – do not arrive early or crowd at the gate.

One adult per family on site only.

Based on the transition days in July – Children who were in on the Weds will be Population A, Children who were in on the Thursday - Population B.

Population A may drop off from 8.40, Population B from 8.45.

At the end of the day, gates will be opened at 2.50 – again, please do not arrive early.

Pick up for all: 3.00pm.

Please leave the site straight away, and keep children with you at all times.

KS2 children are allowed to leave unaccompanied if you so wish – KS2 parents - please let the class teacher know in September. However, for the time being, KS2 children are NOT to walk round to collect a younger sibling.

We will keep this under review. If the site is too busy we may have to put in further restrictions or alter timings.

See also further info below.

Designated class doors will be sent out to you in September.


Social Distancing and Measures in Place

You may access the site via all three gates. One adult on site per family.


The top path is very narrow, so we ask that you leave via one of the other two gates, being mindful of those coming in.

Please do not arrive early – please just drop off and leave the site.

Please keep 2 metres from other parents and children, and keep your child close with you, and ensure that they are not mixing with other children.

Please could you stay at a distance when handing over, and apart from other parents. There are playground markings for you to wait behind. There will be no opportunity to speak to staff at this point, nor should you need to enter the building.

Staff will appear to receive your child.

When picking up, please stay well at a distance, apart from other parents, and we will see the children across to you.

Please do not let your children mix with others on the playground, or outside school unless socially distanced within the rules.

Any important messages for us need to be emailed in by 9.00 each morning, please.

We are organising the children into Class/ Year group bubbles to support the idea of Social Distancing – wherever we can, we will keep these groups separate all day. Children will however, be now sitting in pairs at a table, facing the front of the classroom. All children will have a pencil case provided by school which is stocked with pencils, colouring pencils, ruler etc.

Children will still be doing activities as individuals or in pairs, and not in close contact with others.

Children will be washing hands regularly on a rota basis, and will also be encouraged to wipe down/ wash their own equipment.

We will be cleaning very frequently throughout and after the day.

There will be no assemblies in the hall, class assemblies, parent reading sessions, sports day etc next term. It is highly likely that there will be no Christmas Performances, or events either. There will be no extra-curricular clubs, at least until half term, but we will be looking at some small group or 1-1 tuition.

Uniform and Equipment

Please can you ensure your child is in their white polo shirt, with school jumper/ fleece, with grey school trousers, grey jersey school trousers, or grey long school shorts. Alternatively, plain grey or black joggers may be worn.

Black school style trainers.

PE kit, old school sweatshirt and joggers, in a drawstring PE bag, to be kept in school.

Spare underwear for Foundation/ KS1.

A light waterproof coat is also required.

As the children are likely to spend a portion of the day outside, weather permitting and the weather may still be hot to begin with, please ensure sunscreen is liberally applied in the morning. You may also send in your child with a sunhat/cap.

No bookbags – we will provide a plastic wallet for book and reading diary.

Please send all items in every day in a smallish/ medium sized rucksack, (which needs to be able to take the A4 book wallet) which will be left in the cloakroom during the day.

Hair tied back please. No jewellery, extreme/ fashion styles e.g. mainly shaved, shaved with pony tail etc


Sunshine Club

This can be booked on line. Please do not assume you can book on the day or last minute, as we need to plan numbers ahead – the Friday the week before, is the cut off for bookings. If you have booking queries, please ring the office. Mrs Legrice is the expert.

Breakfast Club is from 8.00- 8.45, (£3.00). At this point we are unable to provide food and drink, as the children are spread into smaller bubbles which means staffing is more stretched.

Due to the tight staffing of the bubbles, your child will need to arrive between 8.00 and 8.05 ONLY as we do not have spare staff able to let in parents randomly.

Ring through on the main gate, then KS2 go to the Y5/6 door, and Foundation/ KS1 to the green fire door on the top playground.

After School Club – you can book two sessions:

3.00-4.30 Cost: £5.00

3.00-5.30 Cost: £7.50

Again, due to tight staffing you need to please collect at either 4.30, or 5.30 depending on which session you have booked as there is no one spare to let in parents coming in-between.


NB: Friday club will finish at 4.30 to enable the deeper cleaning to take place.

There will be no food provided afterschool but you may bring a healthy breakfast bar or piece of fruit if your child wishes.







We will be providing a broad and balanced curriculum next term, although this will be shaped to the needs of the children, some of whom have missed months of education, and for all, for whom education has been somewhat disrupted.

The first two weeks back will have a Community Topic, as usual – this time it will be, ‘Looking After Me, Looking After You’. This will cover themes such as wellbeing, and also respect for self and others (Diversity). Alongside this will be some refresher Maths and English, and some class-based assessment (not tests!), to see where the children are. This information will then shape a few weeks of a revision style curriculum, in the context of a rich curriculum.

Things have been very intensive for staff, who are providing cover and teaching for a much longer period of the day than usual. This will still be the case to an extent next term, so going forward, we will be carrying out more light touch marking in books etc. We have not yet made a decision about homework, but do not expect any for the first two weeks back.

The school website contains an updated overview of our curriculum principles based on the posters in the entrance hall:

-School Community



This continues to be linked to our Animal Aces e.g.  Resilient Lion/ Truthful Toad/Connecting Spider (school values, learning to learning skills and character attributes e.g. honesty.)

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation. We also thank all those of you who are ‘on the front line’ for all your efforts. I would also like to thank the staff team for their flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile.

Please respect the fact that we are trying our utmost to do the best we can in exceptionally challenging times. We ask you to ensure you are checking your emails regularly as this is how we will keep in touch, particularly if circumstances change, or we come across scenarios that lead to us modifying our practice and need to let you know.


And finally, as I have said before: we remain in very challenging and unchartered waters. We do not know how long things will continue as they are, and the team are making changes as we go, to manage the situation as well as possible. Things will not always run smoothly or to plan, nor can we please everyone all the time; I am sure all will do their best and will be tolerant and kind.


And my very best wishes to you all for a healthy and happy summer holiday,

from Mrs Hardisty