Remote learning Update

Dear Parents and Carers                                                                                                   6 January 2021

We will be beginning our fuller remote learning programme through Microsoft Teams from Monday 11th January.

In a change from the March Lockdown, our teaching videos will now be posted to the children’s Teams page instead of - this is to help keep everything in one place with regards to teaching inputs and learning tasks.

Please make sure you / your child can log in to their Teams class page before Monday and let the school know if you have any problems.

Initially, lessons will be pre-recorded with live lessons being offered in due course. The format will be a new pre-recorded 6-10 minute lesson input each day for Maths, Literacy and a foundation subject with tasks to follow. This term our creative curriculum focus is Science.

There will be a mixture of tasks to complete and submit directly on Teams as well as tasks to be completed in exercise books which we would like you to photograph and upload to Teams (fairly straight forward via the Teams app on mobile devices).

These lessons will replicate those lessons in school, so if your child is in for a few days a week, they can still follow the teaching sequence.

Lesson delivery both in school, and online, will be shared amongst the department staff, rather than just the one class teacher.

There is an expectation that children do make their best effort to complete the work provided. You may find creating a timetable with your child might help, particularly if you have more than one child sharing a device. One of the suggestions we were given by a parent was that their child put on their uniform for ‘home school’ in the morning, and then they got changed into their play clothes afterwards.

We will also be putting in a schedule for the department staff making calls home to check how work is going, and for pastoral support, and we are also looking into organising some group catch up sessions, so that the children can feel they are in touch with each other, but this will not take place just yet.

As an adult, should you need to contact the class teacher about academic queries, please use your child’s Teams class page to make direct contact, rather than email addresses. You should send a private message directly via the ‘chat’ function on the left-hand column of the Teams page.

For general interaction with the children, staff may post comments in ‘Posts’ section which children can reply to; children can also ask questions themselves via the ‘Posts’ section.

In the instance that you have a concern about your child’s welfare and safety then please contact the school office by phone or email:

As some work will be in exercise books, children who are not in school at all, or are in part-time, will be provided with a new exercise book for lockdown work, (which for the part timers can be taken between home and school.) Literacy in the front, Maths in the back.For those children who are not going to be in school at all, we kindly ask if you could collect an exercise book from the school today or tomorrow. Please avoid peak times of 8.00-9.15 & 2.45-3.30.

Thank you for your support

Mr Line

Digital Learning Lead