Parent Update 6 September 2021 plus staffing and inclusion team message

Dear Parents and Carers


A very warm welcome back to the new academic year.


I hope everyone has had a good summer. We are excited to see the children return and hope they are looking forward to coming back too. We know for some families/ children there may be anxieties - attached is an email from the Inclusion Team with some information around this.


We are not entirely sure what this term holds, and we are all getting our heads around the latest covid advice. Apologies for the length of the letter, but there is important information in here regards arrangements.


The Government have removed most of the measures that schools use, however, we are also mindful of being in the 'Enhanced' measures of the South-West area due to the high case rates.


We all want to see life returning to more normality; however, we also need to be sensible, cautious, and be ready to modify arrangements should the need arise.


I am sure you will continue to work with us, as you have done so brilliantly for the last 19 months.


School Hours and Drop Off

We are returning on Weds. 


School hours will revert to normal - doors open at 8.45 and close at 8.55. The day finishes at 3.00. (Foundation have their own arrangements as communicated previously).


As we are removing the staggered start/ end, we would however like all parents to support us by only one adult coming per family, and not arriving early/ not waiting around/ socialising etc - please arrive, drop off, and leave the site. No one should be therefore on site until 8.40, and after 2.50 pm.


Please maintain distance between other parents and staff and stand back from the doors.


You do not need to wear masks on site, but we will keep this under review.


Please can you still ring the office or email if you want to pass on a message.


If you come into school for a meeting, please continue to wear masks.


Class Doors:

Foundation to the top Foundation doors

Y1 Miss Harris - Top playground fire door

Y1 Miss Ayrton - Top playground near ramp fire door

Y2 Miss Summerfield - Drama hall fire door at bottom of internal stairs

Y2 Miss Read - Drama Hall doors onto middle playground


Y3/4 Miss Walsh and Y3/4 Miss Trevarthen - the Y3/ main doors

Y3/4 Miss Day - the fire door to her classroom


Y5 Miss Collins - Class Fire Door

Y5 Mr Wallis - Main Y5/6 door

Y6 Mrs Soper - Main Y5/6 door

Y6 Mr Line - Class Fire door


Please make yourself known to staff if you have medication to handover.


On the first day children are taking their belongings straight into the classroom, and will get cloakrooms sorted out during the day, to prevent a log jam!


Club: Breakfast and Afterschool club are to be dropped off and picked up at the Hall doors please.


Routines/ Kit/ Clothing

We will continue to be handwashing regularly


We will be reverting to bookbags - over the next few days, the office are selling the slim ones to fit in the rucksacks, as we would like all equipment etc brought in the one rucksack.


The weather looks set to be warm for a while, and we still intend this term to take learning outside when we can. Dress for hot weather at the moment - hats/ caps would be a good idea.


Bring a PE kit to keep in school this half term - this will be for spares etc, as most of the time, children will not be getting changed for PE so they can get straight out as much as possible.


Ventilation is going to be key, so clothing in layers, and extra jumpers will be required as the weather turns colder.


Please don't worry about having the right things/ getting it all right for the first few days - things are bound to settle after a few days.


Covid Symptoms/ Testing etc (See Official Info Below too)

The biggest change is that children who are close contacts are not necessarily going to have to isolate, but they will have to get a PCR test.

Test and Trace will be doing the contact tracing, and not schools - you would be contacted by T&T, and have to identify close contacts of your child - we will have to see how this is going to work in practice - please let us know as this has not happened before. Do consider the class staff your child will have mixed with too - please let T&T know, so that they will be able to get a PCR.


I am reattaching the staffing structure letter -as this will show which adults work with your child - this is particularly important for children who regularly work with an adult as 1-1 or 2-1 and these adults need to be flagged up to T&T. We do not know if they will want/ accept this information, but it would be good to see if they do - please let us know, as we don't know how these conversations will play out.


Please consider who will bring your child to school/ collect, if you develop symptoms or are positive - please make a contingency plan for this in advance.


Other symptoms - Normally with other cold symptoms etc, we usually say send them in anyway, but I think erring on the side of caution would be a good idea. We are not going to send them home for a sniffle, but it they are under the weather, please keep them at home for a day or so until they are more themselves and if covid symptoms then appear, please get them tested.


May I also remind you that all families of school children (for use by non-primary school member of the household and only for when there are no symptoms) are eligible for the Lateral Flow tests and are recommended to do them twice per week - you can get these from: libraries, local pharmacies, or they can be sent home if you order online via the website , or through phoning 119.


The authorities, due to enhanced status are advising that households continue to be careful. mixing outdoors wherever possible, wearing masks in crowded places and getting vaccinated.


In Primary schools the children are not doing Lateral Flow tests nor are they likely to be vaccinated, so this does rely on everyone to do their bit to minimise spread.


In school we are not using bubbles; just as in pre-covid days, children will spend most of their time in their usual class, and very often with a main seating group who they work with, which is similar to the pre-covid days anyway. Assemblies will be in classes or Departments.



We are looking at arrangements for class assemblies - we have not made any firm decision about this, and won't be doing this whilst we are in the 'enhanced' covid local status.


We have made the decision to move sports day until June 2022.


We will keep things under review, and if we need to, we will bring in other measures as we did before, but we would obviously keep you updated. Please keep in communication with us, as before so we all manage to keep abreast of the situation.


Please inform Grandparents/ those who pick up of these arrangements.


Please ensure that we have up to date contact information for you, including a staffed work number.


Warm wishes

Mrs Hardisty


Important: Staffing Arrangements 2021-22


School Teaching Structure 2021-22



Teaching/ HLTAs

Support Staff


2 classes, working as one large group across the base

Emma Mantell (Literacy/Foundation/ KS1 Lead/ Senior Leader)

Jo Stelmaszczyk (Creative Curriculum Lead)

Danielle Hobbs (HLTA)

Kelly Potts (S&L Lead Teacher)

Caroline Coppola (S&L HLTA)

Heidi Turner, Assistant Head

Toni Francis (Friends of Thornbury Lead)

Teresa Warren (Armed Forces Lead)


Year 1

2 classes, flexible working across Y1


Emma Harris (Maths KS1 Link)

Jodie Ayrton (ECT)

Lisa Cole

Karen Farrer

Nicola Gummow (S&L)

Sonia Kemp


Year 2


2 classes, flexible working across Y2

Bryony Summerfield (PE)

Aislinn Read (Humanities)


Lisa Kingwell

Jo Taylor W/Th/Fri


Year 3

Year 4


3 classes with flexible staffing/ grouping


Caroline Walsh (Senior Leader/ KS2/ Literacy)

Megan Day

Emily Trevarthen (NQT)

Sarah Allen (HLTA)


Jacqui Cinque am

Fliss Cresswell

Kara Rafferty S&L (M/T/W) Tanya Swaffield pm

Year 5

2 classes with flexible staffing/ grouping

Benjamin Wallis (Assistant Head/Computing/NQT Mentor)

Christie Rosser/Laura Collins (ECT)

Nicole Shaw (HLTA)

Jackie Clarke (S&L)

Matthew Dolton


Year 6

2 classes with flexible staffing/ grouping

Nick Line (Science/ Curriculum/ Senior Leader)

Stephanie Soper (ECT)

Karen Chard (am)

Marie Radmore

Michaela Surcombe






Heidi Turner  (Assistant Head/Maths/RE/SMSC/Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Lisa Trembath SENDCO (Wed/Thu)

Kelly Potts  (S&L)

Caroline Coppola (S&L HLTA/ Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Robert Lippett HLTA Inclusion Assistant



Claire Hardisty

Leadership and Management/ Teaching & Learning/ Inclusion/ Safeguarding Lead





All the staff at Thornbury are looking forward to welcoming the children back to school on Wednesday to start the new school year.

We know that the first day back at school can come with lots of different feelings and we are here to help if you need us. Your child may be feeling happy and excited about coming back to school, but they may also feel nervous about the new school year.

If you need to let us know about anything that has happened in the holidays or feel that your child may need some support on the return to school, please get in touch with the Inclusion Team. Mrs Turner, Miss Potts, Mrs Trembath, Mrs Coppola or Mr Lippett will be happy to talk to you about any worries you or your child may have and can offer support with settling them back into school.

Please email or phone the school Office on 302600 and ask for a member of the Inclusion team to contact you.

See you all on Wednesday!

The Inclusion Team