Parent update 1 March 2021

Thornbury Bulletin Monday 01.03.21

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing with some practicalities, before all the children start back next week on Monday 8th March. There are 4 pages – a lot to say! – please read carefully. Thank you.

We are very excited that the children who have been home learning are now returning, and I am sure that there will be excitement, worries and happiness about this return, for all of us. We will make sure that there are lots of opportunities for children to share their thoughts and feelings.

I would also like to thank the whole school family- children, staff and parents, for hard work, resilience and support, with both school and home learning.

Up to Easter, much of the activities will revolve around the theme of ‘Spring’ – studying the grounds, being outside in the fresh air, learning about the seasons and a new beginning.

On Monday 8th, your child needs to come to their normal door, with school day timings below.

I hope that everyone will enjoy this week, and thank you again for your support.

Warm wishes

Mrs Hardisty

Pupil Organisation

We have considered the options to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible. As you are aware, children are already used to working in groups, and with different department adults; We have decided to make this a little more structured, using teaching and support staff flexibly. This means the children have a balanced approach, with focussed teacher input, and support from TA/ HLTAs, and they can also be more easily targeted for booster sessions. We are lucky to also have two strong final placement teaching students; Miss Bath who returns to Y1, and Mrs Hodgess, a mature student, who is joining Y2. This gives us greater options to provide a rich, focussed offer, which allows smaller groups wherever possible, and provides much more targeted support for Y2 and Y5 as they move toward transition to KS2, and to Y6.

FS – Two classes, to be split into smaller groups when staffing allows

Y1 – Two usual classes, each class split into two subsets, when staffing allows

Y2 – Split into 3 groups, most of Miss Day’s class and Miss Summerfield’s class to stay the same, taught by Miss Day and Mrs Hodgess, with Miss Summerfield overseeing Mrs Hodgess, and taking a booster group taken from both classes.

Y3/4 – Usual classes, with each having two subsets when staffing allows

Y5 – 3 small groups, according to children’s learning stages

Y6 – 2 usual classes, splitting into 2 subsets, when staffing allows.

Please be assured – for most children they will not notice anything different. For some year groups, where there is some change, they will still be with their known staff team, in their usual department spaces. Time will be taken in the first week back to settle children in.


Safety Changes and Reminders - IMPORTANT

End/ Beginning of Day

Children with surnames A to J to arrive at 8.40-8.45, (Population A) and to leave at 2.55

Children with surnames K to Z to arrive between 8.45-8.55 (Population B) and to leave at 3.10.

If siblings have different surnames, please go by the eldest child’s surname.

If we made other arrangements with you in the Autumn term due to specific circumstances, please go with what we agreed at the time.

One family member collecting/ delivering on site

Could anyone dropping off or collecting on site please wear a mask.

Due to the staggered timings, we are going to allow two-way traffic on the top path – if this becomes a problem we will go back to inwards only.

Speech and Language children who come by taxi, times will be as normal.

It is imperative that no parent/ family arrives early, either at the beginning or end of the day, and we ask all parents to leave promptly, without waiting for/ speaking with friends on site. Please keep your child right beside you, and not playing with others.

Please also spread out as much as you possibly can, or arrange to meet your child/ (and send them in) from a little further away, (For KS1 - as long as we can catch sight of you!)

KS2 children - As we are now approaching the summer term, please encourage your child to leave you from further away, either them walking to school alone, or on the site, but nearer the gates.

Please also be aware of leaving lots of space around you, so that parents leaving can easily get to the gate.

Please do not cross the marked areas which are for staff and pupils only. Please socially distance at all times.

Could I also remind everyone that bikes and scooters should not be ridden on site, and that dogs are also not allowed.

If you have any messages, please phone the office or email the admin address and someone will get back to you. Please do not come round to the school office – please could you make an appointment first so this can be managed safely.

We are working very hard to keep year group and/or class bubbles inside school apart from each other –this might be something you wish to take into consideration outside school.

We do ask all parents to follow the government instructions about mixing etc outside school – unlike the previous wider return, this is not a time for socialising with others, parties/ sleepovers etc, so we can keep everyone as safe as possible.





Mrs Legrice is taking bookings online now – please do so as soon as possible. If you are not booking in advance, please do not assume that there will be last minutes spaces, due to our staffing being tight at the moment.




Please send in your child with any prescription medicines they need. If this is an asthma inhaler and the prescription and dosage hasn't changed since Christmas, these can be given in a carrier bag to the staff member on your child's door. 


For any other medicines, or where there has been a change of dosage, please email the office admin team this week, who will pass the message onto the department staff. An arrangement can then be made for you to come to the entrance hall and complete the necessary paperwork and handover the medicine.


As we approach hopefully the warmer weather, please can we remind you any medicines such as Piriton for hay fever need to be prescribed and come with the accompanying doctors' label. Also, as we head into the summer term, sunscreen should be applied liberally in the morning. 



Symptoms and Testing

We are following the NHS guidance which is that those with the following symptoms however mild need to isolate (along with their household) and should get tested:

A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual) and/ or

Temperature, and/ or

Loss of taste or smell

Try to get a test though the website

Could you also forward any test result to us, for our records.


Also, please be aware of the wider range of symptoms I shared with you last half term - sore throat, diarrhoea, headaches, fatigue, aching joints – if in doubt, please don’t send your child in, but give us a call and we can talk it through.

Please make sure that we have up to date (and staffed) contact numbers so we can get hold of you quickly.



Equipment/ Uniform

Children to bring all their items in a rucksack – book wallet, drink bottle, lunch, cap.

Lunch containers need to be plastic boxes please, that can be washed every day and stored easily.

Clear plastic water bottle (for water only), that goes home for washing every day.

No other items or toys from home please.

Usual uniform (including joggers/ black or grey trouser/ grey culottes or knee length school shorts, plain trainer style shoes for outdoor activities)

Spare pair of joggers in case of wetness.

PE Kit for Foundation in case of an ‘accident’, in PE bag to be kept on peg.

Waterproof jacket.

Wellies – please could these be in all the time – we now use the field much more, including in bad weather, and for play times and lunchtimes.

Although the weather has been good over the last few days – colder weather is forecast for next week. It is currently quite cold in school – despite the heating, we have to have the windows open – if your child is returning, please ensure they have layers e.g. a T-shirt under the school shirt, or a school jumper, and a fleece for example.

Please tie long hair back, and as the weather improves, please check at bath-time for ticks.

If you have loaned a laptop from school, please contact the office to arrange a time to bring it in.



There will be no homework next week.

After this, homework will be posted on teams, as well as in the homework books. We do want to keep up the online skills that we have all acquired! Homework can be completed online, or in books. There will be a set day for return, and a couple of days quarantine before books are looked at. Homework will be Literacy/ Maths based, with some suggestions for a task that is related to wellbeing. If you have homework queries or concerns, please use the dept email.


Holidays and Quarantine

You will be aware that quarantine arrangements are changing all the time. Holidays will not be authorised. When we get to the point that the Government allows holidays, if you do go on holiday, we would like to see your official documentation which shows where you have been and the date of arrival back in the UK. This is to protect all our community. Thank you.