Parent and Carer Bulletin Nov 13th 2020

Parent and Carer Bulletin Nov 13th 2020




        All the children watched the remembrance service prepared by Y6 this week. I hope you managed to watch it at home – it is on Facebook if you would like to see it. It provoked much discussion from across the school and some really thoughtful questions, even from our very youngest pupils. Well done and thank you to Y6 and the Y6 staff team for putting this together.


Friday 13th -Mufti day/ fundraising: ‘We are all different’ theme!

We’re wearing odd clothes/ odd socks, etc. Pay on line via schoolmoney (£1, £2, £3, £5 or £10 options) or if this isn’t possible for you, send in cash by Tuesday 17th– we are raising money to buy a tablet (or two) for the very poorly or elderly patients in the hospital to be able to stay in communication with their loved ones during this difficult time. Please ask family if they would like to contribute to this worthwhile cause.


Parental Wellbeing

Evidence nationally shows that many of us have been struggling for various reasons since March. This might be worries about personal health, health of a loved one, loss of a loved one or friend. There are also increasing concerns around loss of income, redundancies and job security. It is also apparent that sadly, domestic violence is on the increase, but often not reported.

If you are struggling, for whatever reasons, please talk to us, and we can be a listening ear, or signpost to other services. If you are worrying about finances too, please do call or email to speak to me, Mrs Turner or Mr Lippett, and we will see what we can do to help. The school website and facebook also has signposting to useful resources.


Facebook Request

Have you ever asked your child about their day in school and heard more about their lunch than what was happening in the classroom?  The Thornbury Primary Facebook page is updated weekly with information from every year group. We love to celebrate the wonderful work created by the children and share these ‘wow’ moments with you.

Please can we ask that you like, positively comment and share our posts with the wider community.

Positive comments are welcome, but not those who single out or identify specific children. E.g. ‘My child loved being in the Wild Area today’, or Well done to Y4!’ Don’t forget to visit our page to find out the latest information. 


Prospective Parents – please share our website and facebook page with any parents you know who are looking for a school for their child for next September.  We managed to so some carefully managed socially distanced tours a few weeks ago, and are now doing virtual meetings, so please pass the word on. Do ask them to email or ring school if they would like details. Many of our new parents say that it was the recommendation of other Thornbury parents who influenced them – you, our parent community, are the best advertisement of our wonderful school.


Covid-19 and funding petition

There is a petition stared on the Government website, asking the Government to fund the additional costs of Covd-19 to schools, such as additional cleaning hours, hand sanitiser, staff cover, loss of income from afterschool clubs and so on – we have been given no money for this at all, so this then eats away at our already stretched budgets. If you feel able to, please go to the site and sign the petition. It is titled: Fully fund schools for Covid-19 costs and provide relief for loss of income’

Here is the link:




Christmas Celebrations!    

This will be a very different Christmas to any I have known in all my years as a teacher. We are going to do our best to celebrate in various different ways this year as follows:

1.Nativity – the whole school, in year teams, is going to present a nativity, telling the Christmas story in words, music and pictures. You will then be able to watch these, one episode at a time on the Tue/ Weds/ Thursday of the last week of term.

We would love to be able to show every child in this, (unless there are religious reasons why your child can’t take part) so please could you go online and on teachers2parents choose a ‘parents’ evening’ slot to give consent for your child to actually appear in person.


IMPORTANT: Booking this slot means that you confirm that you give your permission to for your child to appear in the videos, which will be out on the worldwideweb, in the public domain, for anyone to see. This should be a wonderful thing to share at home, and for posterity as a memento of this extraordinary year. Although we would love for every child to be visible, if you are unable to give this consent, your child will take part by speaking words, or having a piece of art work shown, but not appearing themselves in person.

We will send a text when the ‘booking’ option goes live, and need everyone to respond to this by Friday 20th Nov, so that staff can make their plans and allocate parts etc. Staff will then do a check with anyone who has not responded, to ascertain your views.


2.Christmas Lunch followed by a video (booking for this will take place in the next few weeks).

  • Foundation/ Year 1 and Year 2 on Weds 16th December
  • KS2 on Thursday 17th December

During that week, each class will also have a socially distanced party games session.


3.Christmas Jumper Day – Friday 18th December - £1.00 donation for school fund, please.