Letter from the Chair of Governors

Dear Parents and Carers

It does not seem possible that we are already fast approaching the end of the autumn term. The year seems to have passed so quickly and it is a year that none of us will ever forget. It is time for me to write to you all, to express our thanks for all you have done since March. As Governors we have been able to keep in touch with all that has happened in school, both through the communications you have all received from Mrs Hardisty and via our own Governors’ meetings, which have been held online. It has been amazing to see just how much the school has put in place, since March, and how well everyone has responded to the numerous and inevitable updates from the Government and the D f E. Thank you all so much for supporting the many changes which school has had to deal with over the last ten months.

We also acknowledge that the letter from Ofsted, following their fact-finding visit, sums up, in a few words, the wide ranging, and successful approaches the school has employed over this period.

In having regular updates from school, and with the news from Connect Trust, we know that staff have worked very hard to enable the children to carry out studies, through online work. I can only be amazed at the effort that has gone in to facilitating this work and again thank you for supporting the children, in carrying on with their lessons, as successfully as you have done.

The children, as you know, have been well behaved in school and have shown great resilience and cooperation in all the changes that they have had to deal with. Your understanding of the school’s situation and your explanation to them of how things have needed to happen, have obviously had a major impact, and is why they have all dealt so well with everything new that has been put in place.

The school’s usual and many Christmas celebrations will not happen this year in quite the same format, but I know the school’s plans to celebrate in a different way, will be very special in its own right. We hope that when things are able to resume a normal way of life once again, that we may be able to celebrate the successes of the past several months, which have been numerous, in spite of all the country’s problems and, that when that time comes, we can look forward to the school days we are so used to, once again.

I think many people are beginning to think about the cheerful things, which Christmas always brings, a little earlier than usual this year in order to have an uplifting effect on us. I am more than happy to agree with that, so my tree was an early starter, along with many others, for once! Whilst decorating it, I was thinking of everyone who is part of our school; our children and families, hoping that they will be able to enjoy their time together and that everyone remains healthy, now and into the new year. 

All the Governors are really looking forward to the time when we can resume our visits to school and once again be part of the community which we all value so much.

A very peaceful time we hope lies ahead, but meanwhile from all of us, ‘’A Very Happy Christmas’’ to everyone.

Best wishes

Lynn Smith.

Chair of Governors