Coronavirus - School Letter 17.3.2020

Thornbury Coronavirus Bulletin Tuesday 17th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers, please see the important information below, about our changes to drop off and collection.

At the moment the guidance remains that staff/ children continue coming to school if they have not had the symptoms, and self-isolate for 14 days, along with their household, if they have temperature and/or continuous cough. If further family members show symptoms, this period has to be lengthened. The site has more specific details on this, and also information about social distancing for all people, guidance for those with underlying health conditions or over 70s.


Important: You will probably have heard the latest announcement from Boris Johnson about the latest measures being put in place including social distancing. Although schools are to remain open at the moment, to reduce the size of playground groups of adults/ children gathering, could you please drop off and collect your child from the nominated door below?


This will also allow us to more stringently organise morning cloakroom supervision and overseeing of handwashing routines. We are keeping the virus situation as low key in school as possible, so children have been informed that the new door arrangement is to help us in organising the cloakrooms and handwashing routines. Children have been told today about the doors.


In the morning, doors will open from 8.35, so please arrive and drop off promptly rather than waiting in the playground. At the end of the day, please do not arrive early, and please leave promptly.


Thank you for your continued support as this situation evolves.

Mrs Hardisty



Foundation - Usual door

Miss Summerfield - Drama Hall door

Miss Harris - Usual door

Year 3s - Usual doors

Y4 - Miss Rosser's External door

Y5 - Miss Bensaih's External door

Y6 - Usual door


Ringing school regards absence

We are of course, tracking absence at the moment, and appreciate all the calls. When you ring, the office staff will ask you questions about the absence/ your child/s symptoms/ the household circumstances – please give them as much info as you can.

Any temperature/ continuous cough that came on last week, or starts, means children needs to be off school. If you are in doubt about your child’s health, to prevent the spread of bugs in general, we would err on the side of caution. You could also email us, if you can’t get through. Could you also keep us updated, particularly if anyone in your household is diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Thank you very much.

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