Coronavirus - School Letter 16.3.2020

Thornbury Coronavirus Bulletin 16th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers, Thank you for your continued support in these challenging times. Please see the information below, particularly about our changes to school routines for the next two weeks.

We understand that many of you are feeling concerned about your children attending school if you hear that staff or children are unwell.  Since general testing for the COVID-19 virus ceased, schools are unable to say whether staff who feel ill and self-isolate have the virus. We do not have any confirmed cases at the current time.

Although we have, like many other schools, some staff and children who are sensibly self-isolating, our school will remain open in accordance with the advice from Public Health England. There are lots of bugs of all types around at this time of year, and as you know, there is no longer coronavirus testing for most of the population, meaning that for all, we may have to self-isolate as a precaution, even if it probably is a more everyday illness.

We respect the decision and circumstances of each family; however, we ask that you let the school office know if your child is not attending school.

We have made sure that all of the precautionary measures outlined by Public Health England (PHE) have been put in place. We have followed the guidance regarding additional cleaning and have a robust cleaning programme in place. We will also be following the PHE advice on how to stop the spread of coronavirus.

We ask that all children wash their hands with soap and water before leaving home and when they come back from school. We will also wash hands on arrival at school, before and after lunch. Hand sanitiser will be available in the school to all visitors.

We will keep you all updated when we have any further information or guidance.

At the moment the guidance remains that staff/ children continue coming to school if they have not had the symptoms, and self-isolate if they have temperature and/or continuous cough.


In School Changes for the next 2 weeks - URGENT

As you can imagine, this situation is putting the school under extra demand. We wish to keep school open as long as we can, so we are going to implement some measures certainly up to Easter, to build in more capacity, and minimise larger gatherings. I do hope you feel this is a sensible approach.

We are going to cancel extra-curricular before, during and after school clubs, and large gatherings. This will mean assemblies happen in classes in classrooms, making some rearrangements to lunch routines and restricting use of some equipment. After today, there will be no after school/ before school/ lunch time extracurricular clubs. We will be opening the school doors from 8.40 to allow a slightly more staggered start. We are now cancelling:

-Book Fair/ Shop

-Robins and Owls Class assembly this week.

-Dr Bike

-Parents book sharing Thursday 19th and Tuesday 24th

-Sports fixtures at other schools e.g. Y2 Tor Bridge Mini Olympics

-Parents evenings

-Coffee Morning

-Parents’ Story Makers and Foundation Story Time


Breakfast and After school Sunshine Club

We are going to do our best to keep Sunshine Club open, depending on cleaning and staffing requirements.

I would suggest that just in case, you endeavour to consider alternative plans ahead of us having to cancel this provision.


School Work

We will be imminently sending homework booklets/ text books and a blank exercise book, just in case this is required in the event of the school closing.

Please do check you will be able to access the school website and our online learning such as TT Rockstars.