Circle time Expectations and Code of Conduct

Expectations and Code of Conduct when using School Based Learning Platforms
By engaging with and using the provided school based online learning platforms, users are
committing to follow the expectations below. These services are provided on the following
• Any service accessed through school log ins/ as a part of the school network e.g.
Thornbury TV, E-mails and Microsoft TEAMs etc are used for agreed purposes only,
which include:
- The completing of work set by staff members
- Sharing of/ commenting on (in a positive and respectful manner) good
• Users will conduct themselves in a manner akin to the school rules, focussing on
tolerance, respect, kindness and courtesy.
• Users will communicate using standard English and may, where appropriate, use emojis.
This may take place in response to the posts in Microsoft TEAMs sent by the staff.
• GIFs, stickers and stamps are not to be used on any platform.
• Users will not, unless instructed to do so by a member of Thornbury staff for a learning
purpose, send emails to other users or engage in any of the additional features on the
apps/programs (including video calling and one-to-one direct messaging).
• Users understand this is a monitored site and restrictions may be placed should they be
found to be misusing the service.
• Should users encounter any conversations/comments/images they feel uncomfortable
with, whilst using the platforms, they are to report it to a member of staff.
• Should users have any questions related to the learning/access of the platforms, they
should be emailed to the relevant department homework box. Our staff have been asked
not to respond to direct personal messages, in order to safeguard all concerned.
• Users and their families should be aware of what is on their screen and thus visible to
others (consider inappropriate art or items of clothing hanging to dry!) .
• Users will need to be fully dressed (this does not necessarily have to be school uniform).
• Users will be supervised whilst engaging in the online platforms however parents/carers
are not to partake in the platform activities. Any queries or questions a parent/carer
may have should be sent to the school admin address of homework inbox.
• Users are aware that when accessing the School Based Learning Platforms that their
names and email addresses may be visible for others to see by those who have access to
the system (staff/ other Thornbury pupils and their parents).
• Users and their supervising family members understand live sessions are an opportunity
for children to share feelings and learning struggles, so it is important that the content

Thornbury and the Parents/Carers endeavour to work together to ensure a safe online learning
environment. If a user notices an expectation has been broken, they should not draw attention
to this or comment on it, but instead report to a member of staff.