Circle Time and Drop in Sessions

Circle Time and Learning Log Ins - Drop In Live Sessions

Dear Parents/Carers,
Thank you for your continued support, and the amazing job you are doing with the remote online learning.
It has been pleasing to see the responses and communication around the work that has been set, and the progress the children have been making. I think it is safe to say the learning curve has been steep, but as we would be saying to our children, it has been a success so far due to the animal learning behaviours we have all been displaying. I know for many resilience and patience when technology goes wrong have really been tested – myself included!
We are now ready to move on to the next phase of using the online remote learning platforms. Starting next week (W.B. 1.2.21), each department will be offering some live sessions with a variety of department staff. This is to catch up with the pupils who are only learning from home, in a once-a-week Circle Time session per child (in a small group), and for all in some Learning Log In sessions. As these sessions will be an opportunity for children to share feelings and learning struggles, it is important that the content is treated as confidential by parents/carers and not shared beyond the session, to promote a safe space for all to talk.

Circle Time Sessions
For the Circle Time sessions, the children who are learning from home full time, have been placed ingroups by their department, and you will receive an email shortly to inform you what day and time your child/children’s session is on each week. We would encourage your child to attend this 30minute session each week as it is a good opportunity to catch up with peers and promote positive learning behaviours.
On your child’s given day and time, they need to log in to their teams page and they will find a meeting taking place. They need to click join meeting and this will take them to their session. Please be aware other meetings are taking place on different days and children will be asked to leave the session if they click into the wrong one.
We are asking pupils to enter the session with their microphone muted and to click the raise hand option when they want to speak, a staff member will then say their name and invite them to turn on their microphone in order to contribute. Please see the ‘Expectations and Code of Conduct for Using the Thornbury Online Learning Services’ document that you have recently been sent, for our acceptable conduct when using the online platforms.
Learning Log In Sessions
Each department/ team will offer 2 daily learning log in sessions whereby any pupil working from home that day, can ask questions related to their learning. These sessions are only 30minutes in length and the expectation will be that a pupil will have tried the work first and join the session to ask for help if they are struggling or need some clarification (we are aware some children may not need this) . Again, we ask that they join the meeting in the team with their microphone muted and use the raise hand option, waiting until a team member is ready to speak to them. This is not a social session, and I am sure you can appreciate the time is short and valuable so should be accessed wisely. These sessions will take place daily at 11.30-12.00 and from 1.30-2.00. Whilst these are optional, there may be specific occasions whereby a child is invited to attend the session as a member of the department staff would like to help them clarify misconceptions in their learning.
We hope these sessions and new online provisions will be of use and support all in their learning and mental health. The arrangements for this are of course only in a trial phase and as such we may need to make amendments as we go along, we will keep you informed as plans develop. As we venture further into our online and remote home learning, we appreciate your continued support and would like to say thank you for the positive messages around the current work. We are aware that there will be teething problems in the initial stages of this endeavour, but we will be Resilient Lions, Resourceful Magpies and Creative Squirrels. Being Friendly Otters to help each other out too will also come in handy!