Before and After School Club Changes Jan 2021


Reference: Sunshine Club (Before and After School Club)

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing to let you know that we have reviewed our club offer, and have decided we are now in a position to offer wider times and flexibility for club, after Christmas.

As you are aware, some of our challenges have been around keeping bubbles apart, which has meant staffing is very stretched.

We have now been able to make some organisational changes so that we can move Club into the main hall, so that parents will be able to drop off and collect more flexibly, and we can then offer longer hours too.

We will not be able to provide food, but you are welcome to provide a drink, and a breakfast bar or fruit for your child.

In the hall, we will divide the room into areas for Foundation/ Y1&2/ Year 3&4 and Year 5&6. We will still encourage the children to distance to some degree within these groupings.

Children will be provided with a rotating menu of activities – games, crafts etc, and this will include outdoors, and a short study time for homework, for KS2, and some quiet reading time for Y1 and 2. Other spaces will be used for computer time etc.

You will now be able to drop off and collect your child at any time – please go to the hall door (via the car park), and knock on the door, and a member of staff will receive or bring your child out to you. Please take care in the car park at all times, and please only park in designated spaces.

Please remember that messages etc. will still need to be sent via or phone 302600, as we are still trying to keep a distance between staff and parents.

Obviously, if the Covid-19 situation worsens, or the government bring in other restrictions, or we have significant staffing issues, we may have to make further adaptations.

Please book online in time blocks as you used to do before:

8.00 – 8.45 - £3.00

3.00-4.00 - £4.00

3.00-5.00 - £6.00

3.00-6.00 - £8.00 (See important note below about Fridays finishing at 5.30pm)

When you login to book, they will now be called Breakfast Club or After School Club NOT Lowers or KS2.

Friday’s After School Club will finish at 5.30pm (NOT 6pm as labelled on school money as it automatically labels the same times for each day).

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Mrs Hardisty