Literacy Homework 

Set: Thursday 12th March

Due: Tuesday 17th March 


In Literacy this week Year 1 have been looking at writing questions. We understand that in order to write a good question, we need to use a capital letter at the start and a question mark at the end. We know that a question starts with one of our question starters -  who, what, which, where, why or how.


For your homework write one example of each question.

Maths Homework - Shape

Date Set: Thursday 5th March

Date Due: Tuesday 10th March


Next week in maths we will be looking at 2D shapes. For homework, we would like you to go on a shape hunt around your house, to see how many different shapes you can find.
Date Set: Thursday 27th February
Date Due: Tuesday 3rd March ​
This week we have been exploring non-fiction text. For your homework, we would like you to pick one non-fiction book to share with an adult. If you can’t find a non-fiction book at home, have a look at your bug club account. Use the checklist we made together in class, to find different non-fiction features. But remember, not all non-fiction books have every feature. For example, we found some non-fiction texts without a contents page. Your book review will be displayed in our reading corner to share with your friends. ​

 Half-term Homework and Learning

If you are looking for extra tasks throughout the week, the children have been allocated books and games to play on the computer/tablet on Bug Club. A reminder of the login details are:

Username: child's name01

 Password: rat

 School code: hm67


We also have Readiwriter logins and the children can achieve certificates which will be handed out in our star of the week assembly. These logins can be found in the children's reading record books.


After half term, we are going to be starting a new topic looking at animals. For homework we would like you to create a picture of your favourite animal. You could create this using any form of art. Some examples could be: drawing, painting and collage etc. We would also like you to write a sentence describing your favourite animal and why.



Science Due 11.2.2020


In Science this week, Year One have been looking at different materials. We understand that a material is a word used to describe what something is made of. We have used lots of different adjectives to describe materials that we found in our classroom. We learned that a material is chosen for a specific purpose. For your homework this week, we would like you to go on a materials hunt around your home with an adult.