Spring Topics


Literacy - Traditional tales (Little Red Hen) - verbal retelling and some writing about the story.

                 Non fiction (instructions) - making a sandwich for Little Red Riding Hood to take to Granny's.


Maths -     More and less, adding 2 groups together, practically using the vocabulary for adding and subtraction. 

                 Shape and space, repeating pattern and height (Jack and the Beanstalk).


PSED -      To initiate conversations with other children and play co-operatively, making new friends.


PD -           Completing a range of balances during floorwork and applying these on apparatus.

                 Travelling with confidence, over, under and through apparatus.


CL -           Listening to the story of the Little Red Hen, recounting the story using puppets and masks and sequencing  

                 story events.


UW -        Forest Friday has been a huge success this term with the children becoming nature detectives, looking at the

                similarities and differences within their own and the school environment. Observing changes with ice and weather.

Autumn Topics


Literacy -

Mr Men / Little Miss books - Exploring feelings and emotion.

Non Fiction Instructions - Making Mr Men/ Little Miss biscuits creating class instructions using key words and images.


Maths -

Counting and ordering numbers - recognising numbers to ten and introducing place value using concrete images and real objects.

One more and one less - introducing addition and subtraction through practical activities.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development -

New Beginnings - Exploring transition/ new experiences through range of texts and activities.

Making relationships - building friendships and developing relationships to ensure children feel safe and secure. 


Physical Development -

Being healthy, being happy - Promoting independence and self awareness. Looking at healthy eating and exercise.

Handling tool and materials safely - setting boundaries, introducing resources and ensuring an awareness of safe practice.


Communication and Language -

Role play and use of imagination - Home corner to allow opportunity for exploring familiar roles and deconstructed role play to allow children to explore resources creatively and lead imaginative play from their own interests. 

Listening to stories - Promoting a love of reading and introducing and exploring a range of text type to make predictions and discuss likes and dislikes.

Responding to instructions - Ensuring children are able to follow instructions safely and access the learning through a range of creative activities.


Understanding the World -

I'm happy, you're happy - A range of activities such as designing their own Little Miss/ Mr Men and making a rainbow to use during relaxation, the children will learn about how to support each other and communicate when they need help.

Celebrations and Festivals - We will celebrate and learn about a number of festivals as we move through the Autumn term culminating in our Christmas Nativity.

Also see Curriculum Maps

Foundation Learning Spring Term


The Digital Leaders headed down to Foundation to discuss all things they had been doing recently. Here is what they had to say:


(Image courtesy of Amazon via Google search)



What have you been learning about in school lately?

We have been learning all about numbers and maths.


What has been the best thing you have done since coming back from Christmas?

The best thing we have done is learning about letters and playing outside!


What have you been doing in literacy and maths?

We have been writing our letters in literacy and learning our numbers in maths.


Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about?

We want to know new letters and sounds!


Well done Foundation for being so articulate and being able to share all you have been doing.



Foundation Learning Autumn Term

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Two of the new Digital Leaders headed down to Foundation to ask them about their learning in their first ever term at school. They had a lot to say.


The Foundation pupils have been working hard on their phonics and remember the letter 't' the best. They even showed us their action. Another key highlight was using the Lego to build all sorts of things, including vehicles!


With everything being so new, when they were asked what was their favourite thing so far it was difficult to choose. Eventually, they decided that the top two parts of their Foundation experience so far were, playtime and Lego building.


Both of the Foundation pupils said they had learnt lots of new things, but the one they were most proud of was their cutting and sticking.


As a part of the whole school Mental Health project, the pupils in Foundation shared that they had made 'Feelings Rainbows' and were able to talk about what they liked and were good at. They also looked at being happy and sad.


What a busy term! The Digital Leaders were impressed with what they had to say.


I wonder what they will mention nearer Christmas?


Good job Foundation and well done to our Digital Leaders for their first input on the school website, here is to much more.