Current Learning - Maths

2D Shapes

In maths, we have started learning all about 2D shapes. Today we sorted out shapes into groups. We investigated lots of different properties for our shapes, we started off by grouping them by colour. But that was to easy! We were then tasked to group them by 4 sided shapes and not 4 sided shapes. We found out that a square would be a 4 sided shape but a triangle was only 3 sides, meaning it had to go in the not 4 sided shape circle.

Our new favourite maths game is to ask questions to work out which shape Miss Harris and Miss Summerfield have behind their back. We ask questions like, how many corners does your shape have? Does your shape have a curve? You can have a go at home too; think of a shape and ask some questions. Hopefully, you guess it correctly! 

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Number Houses

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In Maths, Year 1 have looked at the 4, 5 & 6 number houses. Children use Numicon to fill the bedrooms with pairs of numbers that make a total. We have been looking at the 6 house, and know that the largest number must always go in the top bedroom for example6 +0. We know that each bedroom must have a pair of numbers that total six.