Current Learning - Creative Curriculum


We have just started our Science topic, looking at the human body. We had a great afternoon drawing around our friend with chalk and then labelling the body parts. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Pablo Picasso

We are learning all about Pablo Picasso who is an artist. We found out that Picasso uses colour to reflect if the picture is happy or sad. We learnt that if Picasso uses blues and greens then this is sad artwork. However, if he uses bright colours then Picasso has created happy artwork. We have also seen that Picasso's portraits are not always your typical person as he would draw different parts of the face from different angles. We had a go using paper plates and cutting up magazines.

General Update

We have spent our morning tasks this term completing activities that have been improving our fine motor skills ,we have really enjoyed the practical start to the day.


We have started our new Creative Curriculum topic looking at Picasso. We started our learning by having a look at some of his portraits and thinking about the colours he used. We discovered that if he used darker colours such as blue then they were sad pictures. If Picasso used bright colours then this was happy artwork. 


In R.E. this term we have been learning all about, who is a Muslim? We have been exploring where we think God could be. Have a look at our wonderful artwork. 

We have been learning all about the Quran and how it is a very special book for Muslims. We then wrote on leaves some of the things that we think are really important to us.