Year 6

Autumn Topics

Literacy -

Use of fiction text focussing on WW1 to write diaries and/or letters.

Maths -

Contextual application, four operations, place value, measure, reasoning skills  

Science -

Living things and habitats

Creative Curriculum -

Mental Health

Legacy (History, Geography, RE, Art, Computing, PSHE)

Also see Curriculum Maps

Year 6 Learning Autumn Term 1


The Year 6 had so much to talk about this term so lets dive right in.


New learning focussed on the Literacy work around the book 'A Brave Soldier' and the character descriptions they have begun writing. In science, they have been working hard on understanding branching keys, even going out into the school grounds to collect leaves, identify them and then create a branching key to classify them. Super science Year 6! They wanted to share their work on the 'Feelings Thermometers', which has seen them looking at the language of emotions and different stages of each emotion.  


Some of the key moments of the year include:

  • Learning about WW1
  • Grenville House
  • Being with new teachers
  • Finding out about the trenches during WW1


Many pupils pushed themselves on the Grenville House residential and had a great time. Well done Year 6 you really pushed yourselves.


Having worked hard in literacy and maths on key concepts, the Year 6 wanted to make sure everyone knew they had been looking at adverbial clauses and different types of reasoning problems in maths (including trial and error, relationships and step by step approaches).


The final part of their learning Year 6 wanted to share was about their active learning project and the sensory garden they hope to make. Key features of their space may include seating areas, a poppy arch, wind chimes and maybe even a flower bed.


Well done Year 6 on a successful start to your final year, and well done to the Digital Leaders on their first posts to the year group webpages.


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