Year 1

Autumn Topics


Basic skills: Reading and writing a sentence. Using a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

Traditional Tales: Listening to & Reading Traditional tales, describing characters and settings



Basic skills: Recognising, repeating and making patterns, patterns in the outdoor area

Measurement: Comparing lengths and measuring length

Place value: Recognising, making and ordering numbers up to 10 and then 20. Learning about 'teen' numbers and 'odd & even', estimating and counting.



Mental Health: Recognising different emotions and what makes us feel them. Beginning to recognise ways that we can regulate our feelings. Learning about how are actions make other people feel.


WW1 Centenary: History, Art, Geog, Music, Drama, PSHEEd & DT



Animals including humans: Our bodies and our senses



Myself: Sharing what is special to me (story, people, places, objects).

Learning about Christians and what is special to them

Also see Curriculum Maps

Year 1 Learning Autumn Term 1


Year 1 have settled in well and were certainly confident when speaking to our Digital Leaders. Here's what they had to say.


In maths, they have been securing their number facts and counting forwards and backwards. In writing, they have been working super hard on their phonics and practising every single day!


They have been certainly pushed in their learning and had lots of favourites to share. Science was a particular favourite where they have been learning about humans. Other top moments included P.E. where they have been using their bodies to create shapes. Of course, the age old favourite subject of lunchtime came up as well.


Some brand new things they have learnt include new tricky sounds in phonics and measuring accurately - they even measured the door!


In their Mental Health project, Year 1 have been exploring their feelings and creating art to go with it.


The Year 1 pupils were very eager to share their work about the upcoming sensory gardens they are designing and making. They shared that they may be making: poppies, tree-houses, benches, chairs, bird feeders, instruments, campfires, and swings and slides. Wow, how ambitious! We can't wait to see it Year 1.


Well done on all your hard learning Year 1, and well done to the Digital Leader team on their first upload to the school website.

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