Year 1

Autumn Topics

Autumn Topics 1


Basic skills: Reading and writing a sentence. Using a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

Traditional Tales: Listening to & Reading Traditional tales, describing characters and settings



Basic skills: Recognising, repeating and making patterns, patterns in the outdoor area

Measurement: Comparing lengths and measuring length

Place value: Recognising, making and ordering numbers up to 10 and then 20. Learning about 'teen' numbers and 'odd & even', estimating and counting.



Mental Health: Recognising different emotions and what makes us feel them. Beginning to recognise ways that we can regulate our feelings. Learning about how are actions make other people feel.


WW1 Centenary: History, Art, Geog, Music, Drama, PSHEEd & DT



Animals including humans: Our bodies and our senses



Myself: Sharing what is special to me (story, people, places, objects).

Learning about Christians and what is special to them

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