Autumn Topics


Literacy -

Mr Men / Little Miss books - Exploring feelings and emotion.

Non Fiction Instructions - Making Mr Men/ Little Miss biscuits creating class instructions using key words and images.


Maths -

Counting and ordering numbers - recognising numbers to ten and introducing place value using concrete images and real objects.

One more and one less - introducing addition and subtraction through practical activities.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development -

New Beginnings - Exploring transition/ new experiences through range of texts and activities.

Making relationships - building friendships and developing relationships to ensure children feel safe and secure. 


Physical Development -

Being healthy, being happy - Promoting independence and self awareness. Looking at healthy eating and exercise.

Handling tool and materials safely - setting boundaries, introducing resources and ensuring an awareness of safe practice.


Communication and Language -

Role play and use of imagination - Home corner to allow opportunity for exploring familiar roles and deconstructed role play to allow children to explore resources creatively and lead imaginative play from their own interests. 

Listening to stories - Promoting a love of reading and introducing and exploring a range of text type to make predictions and discuss likes and dislikes.

Responding to instructions - Ensuring children are able to follow instructions safely and access the learning through a range of creative activities.


Understanding the World -

I'm happy, you're happy - A range of activities such as designing their own Little Miss/ Mr Men and making a rainbow to use during relaxation, the children will learn about how to support each other and communicate when they need help.

Celebrations and Festivals - We will celebrate and learn about a number of festivals as we move through the Autumn term culminating in our Christmas Nativity.

Also see Curriculum Maps